27 October 2012

Send Cookies to Friends and Family to raise money for Valley View

Boxes of Love will be raising money for Valley View DESKS!!

Each year during the holidays kids from Whitefish Bay,Wisconsin sell attractive boxes of home baked goods to raise money for a worthy cause.  This year they will buy as many new desks as possible for Valley View.  The desks cost $53 each and we're hoping to buy 600 of them.  That's $31,000!

Comfortable, durable, good for learning  
Uncomfortable, crowed, expensive repairs


Easy Holiday Gift Giving

We invite you to send BOXES OF LOVE as holiday gifts this year. Boxes of Love delivers for FREE in Whitefish Bay or Shorewood, or they mail to any place in the continental US for $11. Your favorite teacher, hairdresser, or coach will love a package of delicious caramels, sugar cookies, fudge, gingies, and many more!  Don't forget to send one to college students, neighbors, coworkers.....

Download the Order Form by clicking here.

Meet the Bakers

The boxes look good, the cookies taste good, and the work will do good for kids at Valley View!

6th graders BAKING!

 Neighbors BAKING!

 Jack (9th grader) FROSTING

 6th Graders BAGGING

Joe, Damon (below Joe), Jack, and Noah with piles of bagged treats

 9th graders BOXING

Last year 120 kids baked 17,000 treats and raised $20,560 for COA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Read all about it here.

04 July 2011

Valley View ballet on CNN

In addition, Valley View was recently featured on CNN for the Ballet program that was recently started!

21 June 2011

Construction Restarted

I was just in Kenya, and I am excited to announce that the construction of the building has begun again! Things had been stalled due to the need for some administrative steps to bring the WFP fully up to speed - these delays ensure that we are spending our money in the most responsible way possible, so I am actually quite pleased about them - but also thrilled that we made it through them!

I visited the site with Moses (headmaster) and there had been quite a bit of progress. We have built the walls of the second floor and we are preparing to cast the floor the third floor. Our building schedule has us on schedule to complete in late August. Cross your fingers!

Enjoy the photos below.



There are a number of places in the building where we are leaving open spaces to ensure that air circulates well. This is one of them!

Valley View is participating in a cost sharing program to purchase these energy efficient stoves.


30 November 2010

Valley View students visit the new building!

Today, I want to specifically say, Thank You to Cumberland Elementary School from Whitefish Bay, WI. Your financial contributions and your emotional attachment to the children at Valley View is inspiring. It is the remarkable work of people like you who make this work possible!

Because of you...

...one beautiful day in November, some of the children got to visit their new school!

All the children got into a line, and they sang and danced into the new building!

(Go back to earlier photos to see this staircase develop!)

Thank You!

24 October 2010

We got the WFP!

Congratulations to all!

We have worked hard, and we raised $15,000* by October 10th. Despite not reaching the full $20,000, the donor matched with $15,000 check. We were able to send enough money to project to secure the World Food Program's donation. The matching donor will still contribute the outstanding $5,000 if we can raise the remaining $5,000 by December 1st. Watch for news on how you can be involved in this effort.

In the meantime, lets take a look at what is going on in Mathare. This is what we can do with the contributions of so many dedicated individuals.

Before beginning the next phase, the building the plans are reviewed to make sure everything is on track.

The phase starts with getting the plumbing and electrical fittings in place.

We are going to need a lot of toilets for all the little ones!

All done!

Now we mix cement...

and get it in place...

and spread it around...

and then we have a floor...

and stairs!

* This is an approximate amount due to the way that our donations are collected it is difficult to have an exact number on any given day.

24 September 2010

Tour the Site

Take a tour of the site! Starting on the ground floor, walking up our soon-to-be staircase, and then a quick show of the roof!